Commercial Services

C3D Specializes in the design, manufacturing, and licensing of local products for small businesses and consumers.

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We do not fulfill rush orders and ask for deadlines no sooner than two months after commission.

Contact us! We would love to discuss your project and let you know how we can help.

Each project is different and our workload varies throughout the year - most projects are designed and fulfilled within 60 days of commission.

  • Rates are calculated based on the ammount of leverage and time needed to complete an order.
  • Some projects may require a downpayment for materials during commission.
  • A new project's first order may incurr costs from designing the product. This is a one time cost.
  • Our labor rates are competitive with industry standards.
  • We often offer wholesale discounts for bulk orders.

Send us a message and let us know how many units you need!

Any projects that incurr a design cost will not have it applied after the first order, which increases seller profits for popular products.

If you were provided a username, you may log in to our customer dashboard.

If no username was provided for your project, please contact us for an update.

Products that stand out

Manufacturing occurs in-house with the latest custom built 3D printing and CNC technology.

License with peace of mind

Let us handle any copyright, trademark, or exclusivity concerns with flexible options to meet your needs and budget.
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Design & Manufacturing

3D Printing is a big hobby and we want to make getting products easy.

Product Design

Your idea could be our next project - we specialize in CAD and AI software that allows us to create products and change any detail.
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In most cases - we are able to offer 1:1 part replication or provide cloned products from scratch of hard to find parts, tools, and equipment.


Branding, Logos, and special designs can be incorporated with our use of CAD and AI software.
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Contact Us for more information about starting a new project.

Research & Intelligence

Public Service

Our data resonates with our community and helps our neighbors make more informed decision about daily life. We invest the sum of information from our projects into analysis that improve our communities saftey with knowledge and understanding.

Business Solutions

Initial consultations are free and cover the types of data we analyze to help increase your sales, foot traffic, and throughput of your customers.

Contact Us to learn more about this service.